Can You Believe How Many Types of Travelers There Are?

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Reading the title of this post you might think: “Wait, I have to choose what kind of traveler I am?” or maybe you are one hundred percent sure that you are an adventure traveler or a beach-seeking traveler. Truth is that while there are A LOT of different types of travelers you may or may not identify with only one of them.

First things first, I will try to list the most types of travelers that I can… Here I go:

The Foodie

These travelers go all around the world looking for the best food. They explore new cultures through their cuisine and are not afraid of trying new weird (and probably delicious) delicacies.

The Party Animal

These crazy travelers are always on the lookout for parties. They plan their trips around the hottest events in the city they are going to and you will always find them at a bar or at a club.

The Planner

Planners schedule every minute of their trip, mainly because they have limited time and try to see as many things as possible. Their level of organization is so extra!! An also you can ask them anything about the place they are going to visit, and they will know every answer BEFORE they go.

The Nature Lover

Nature lovers dedicate their trips to observing and admiring flora and fauna. Jungles, forests, safaris, and all other kinds of different environments are their go-to choice for a perfect vacation.

The Nomad

Nomads have nothing planned and they have zero expectations (complete opposite from The Planner); they just let themselves go and love to engage in spontaneous activities.

The Thrill Seeker

These crazy beings are adrenaline junkies, always planning the next adventure. Everything from skydiving, cave diving, volcano boarding all the way to storm chasing, bungee jumping, and even sand yachting; they are always trying new and dangerous things.

The Beach Finder

Beach finders travel to the most beautiful islands and they LOVE LOVE LOVE pristine beaches. Their Instagram feed is full of breathtaking photos of the most incredible beaches. If the country doesn’t have beaches they’d rather pass.

The Complainer

These shouldn’t be called travelers just because they complaint about EVERY SINGLE THING during their vacation. Nothing is ever good enough: the hotel was too expensive for what its offered, the food is cold or flavorless, the bed sheets are dirty, or the mattress is too hard (or too soft). They are better off staying at home.

The Photographer

These people are always behind the lens; for them, travel and photo are the same word. No moment of their trip is left uncaptured.

The Shopper

What’s the number 1 favorite activity for shoppers? Yup! Go shopping! This is what the shoppers need to do to feel like their trip was productive and an absolute success. Their luggage will much heavier on their way back home.

The Backpacker

Backpackers travel independently on a low budget and for longer periods of time than the normal tourists do. Their goal is to really get to know the locals, their culture, and take time to really absorb all the information that they are receiving.

The Gap Year Traveler

The gap year travelers are usually recently graduated students who want to do something different before getting hit in the face with real life. They sometimes will do volunteer work abroad.

The Weekender

Often financially stable, the weekenders will travel every time they can (if they don’t have any other more interesting plans), usually on the weekend. They might choose places close to home or take short trips a bit further away.  

The Budget Traveler

These travelers have visited lots of countries but have done it spending way less money than other types of travelers. They choose to stay at hostels, walk to every attraction, and go to cheap restaurants.

Luxury Traveler

These are the opposite of budget travelers. They will stay at the most amazing resorts, get expensive massages, stroll around the city with a private chauffeur, have dinner at super classy restaurants, and be all about comfort and style. Hotels with less than 5 starts simply do not exist for them.

The Soul Searcher

These travelers are in need of finding themselves or some spiritual guidance or meaning to their lives. They usually travel alone and want to learn something meaningful from the trip.

Guidebook Follower

These travelers will not use their common sense, nor will they have an opinion about a destination other than what is written on their travel guide. They simply follow step by step what they are reading.

RV Traveler

Families, old and young couples, or groups of friends that enjoy driving long hours and love to spend some quality time together. Another reason why they travel in RVs might be because they hate planes…

Long-Term Traveler

Everything is decided “on the fly”. They have no plans when it comes to the next destination, the next restaurant, not even where they are going to sleep that same night. It can definitely be an adventurous and often “on a budget” kind of travel.

Culture Vulture

The culture vulture’s interests are museums, art galleries, and historical sites. There is always research involved before arriving to make sure they visit the spots that are more relevant to their interests. Their goal is to absorb the most about each culture and are fascinated by everything there is to learn in each city.

Man am I exhausted from listing all these kinds of travelers!! And believe it or not, I didn’t even list all the ones that I was able to come up with. Out of the 32 that I thought about, I only gave you 20…

Now, the question is: Which type(s) do I identify with the most?

To be honest, I am mostly a Culture Vulture but I also identify with the Weekender and the Planner.

To give you an idea, I cried when I saw the Colosseum for the first time. I experienced, to a certain extent, the Stendhal Syndrome, which is (allegedly) a condition that involves rapid heartbeats, anxiety, makes you feel overly emotional, and even experience hallucinations when exposed to works of art or monuments. I guess you can say is like having an ART ATTACK…

On the other hand, I say I identify with the Weekender because lately I have mostly traveled to near European cities for the weekend.

And, I am also a Planner because I always make myself a detailed travel guide, after doing a lot of research about the city, and will already know my itinerary before arriving.

Now I ask you!! What type of traveler are you???

And also, would you like to know all the other types I came up with??

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  1. Sheyla

    Well I’m a mix and match then 😂 haha. I identify myself most strongly with The Planner and The Photographer, thats me 100%. However, i have a but of The Shopper, The Nature lover and Culture Vulture. Que cosa huh ?! Haaha 💕 alwayss lovee your blogss! 😘

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